Tahiti Water Sports

The islands of Tahiti offer the tropical vacation destination of a lifetime, especially for water sports enthusiasts.

Amidst the rainbow of colour that is Tahiti French Polynesia is a water sports, Tahiti experience second to none. And all the while, it is bathed in tropical Tahiti weather.

Cruise Tahiti, or look for an extreme experience on your travel around the stunning tropical islands included on a map of Tahiti.

From boat rentals to fully catered cruises, your choice of a Tahiti vacation often includes experiencing a jet ski, parasailing, and scuba diving.

Here you have romance by night, aquatic play by day on the beach on Tahiti’s Bora Bora, the romantic island. Here is the opportunity to go canoeing, or boating, ride a wave runner, parasail, or take nightly sunset sails. While in Anau Bay, take the chance to boast you went snorkeling and scuba diving in Tahiti.

Don’t hold back at Rangiroa. This location offers the world's best dive experience while snorkellers get to make the most of Moorea’s wide shallow lagoon.

For the best Tahiti island experience, get the adrenalin pumping with a scuba diving package and swim with dolphins and sharks. Go diving in Rangiroa, swim with whales or go fishing and snorkelling. After so many physical activities, you might like a Tahiti cruise.

There is no doubt about it, Tahiti travel is exciting, especially when staying at a Tahiti French Polynesian hotel or resort in the glamorous capital Papeete. Getting around is simple. From your Tahiti hotel, why not use car rental, ensuring easy access to all the activities on offer.