Tahiti Cruises

Whether it is a tropical romantic fling or a jam-packed family adventure, Tahiti is definitely the place for your next island cruise adventure. With miles of crystal clear water in every direction, and lush tropical surroundings, your Tahitian vacation is sure to be the place to relax and unwind. Magical Tahiti lies in the South Pacific and comprises 118 islands and atolls. There is no shortage of pristine natural beauty with 360 degree panoramic views of pure bliss.

Soak up the warm tropical Tahiti weather and select from a variety of cruises around the Tahiti islands. Why not indulge yourself on a six-star Tahiti cruise for a few days and experience a slice of heaven? Maps of Tahiti can help you to select which part of the South Pacific to cruise along.

You can also travel around Tahiti on a fourteen-day land and cruise package in style. The Princess Cruise of Tahiti is a decadent way to see the pearls of the Pacific and even some of the volcanic terrain. Other Tahiti cruises include honeymoon packages and super yacht adventures.