Moorea Attractions Tahiti

A vacation to Tahiti just wouldn’t be complete without visiting Moorea Island.

Moorea is the second largest island of the Tahiti islands in the South Pacific. This beautiful island is perfect for lazing about doing very little or for actively exploring the area.

Choose between a number of tours of Moorea, Tahiti, including whale watching, diving, snorkelling and cruising. With such pristine bays and lagoons and glorious Moorea weather, it’s no wonder there are so many water activities on offer here.

If you’re keen on diving in Moorea, you won’t be disappointed. Some of the world’s best dive sites are in this area and there are a number of tours to choose from. Snorkelling in Moorea is also very popular, as are the whale and dolphin tours.

To get up-close-and-personal with some of the local marine life, make sure you see the ray and shark feeding sessions where you stand in chest-high water while local divers feed these amazing creatures.

Belvedere Lookout is towards the centre of the island and is a must-see on your vacation. From here you can enjoy exhilarating panoramic views of the island and beyond, including views of both Cook’s Bay and Opunohu Bay.

Moorea boasts the largest collection of famous black pearls, so make sure you have time to shop too.

If you’re more interested in sipping an icy drink on the beach, the best beach in Moorea can be found near the Moorea Village Hotel. This is an ideal place to soak up the luxurious French Polynesian atmosphere.