Moorea Tahiti

If you’re contemplating a vacation in Tahiti, Moorea is an ideal place to stay. Moorea Island, along with Bora Bora and Tahiti Island, are the most visited in the Tahiti Islands group. With stunning scenery that is typical of a South Pacific Island, Moorea has everything you need for a luxurious romantic holiday.

To get there, fly to Tahiti Island and then take a flight to Moorea on either Air Moorea or Air Tahiti. You can get around the island and beaches using the public bus, or scooter and car rental in Moorea can be arranged through the airport. You’ll need a map to find your way around.

There are several options for accommodation, including camping facilities, budget hotels and first class resorts. If you’re looking for a luxurious resort in Moorea, you can’t beat the Sheraton. This exquisite resort is situated between the two majestic bays of the island – Cook’s and Opunohu Bays – and provides beach, garden and overwater bungalows along with hotel apartments.

To experience some of the traditional culture of French Polynesia, Moorea offers a variety of safari tours where you can discover the island’s pineapple and vanilla plantations, explore Moorea village life and visit Belvedere Lookout for the best panoramic views.

Or head to the boutiques to purchase an exquisite Moorea pearl, with the largest collection of black pearls being in Moorea.

The warm, tropical weather in Moorea is ideal for the many water activities on offer. You can go snorkelling, canoeing, cruising, jet-skiing or parasailing. If you’re interested in diving in Moorea you will discover some of the best dive sites in the world.